Saturday, 17 November 2007

WWF giant origami

I had a great meeting with Amelia Torode at VCCP this morning, it was good to have some straight feedback about what I have to be working on, where I'm missing things (lots) and where I'm (at least potentially) good. I've gone to work on some things and will give more details about that over the weekend.

It was a beautiful day and I wasn't too far, so I decided to walk to the South Bank and go see the WWF giant paper plane and boat created for a petition to make the climate change bill stronger, you can still sign the petition here or go directly to Gabriel's Wharf and sign the boat. All the names of the people having signed the petition were on there, but I didn't find mine... According to Iain Tait (from whose blog I found out about the whole thing in the first place) the origami are going to be there until Monday, go have a look and sign the petition!

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Amelia said...

Lovely to meet you, good luck and do keep in touch !