What I do

I have a natural passion for digital media and the countless new ways in which people and businesses innovate in the area, creating ways to communicate and interact with one another that wouldn’t have been though possible even a few years ago. I am fascinated to see how different types of media are all merging, co-existing, and moving beyond televisions, radios and even computer screens; into mobile phones, tablets, interactive display installations, video games, digital ‘out of home’, and much more.

Keeping pace with how fast digital media evolves and identifying relevant marketing and business opportunities using these technologies is no easy task; I thrive in helping businesses and brands navigate the complex, fragmented world of digital media technologies in order for them to engage with their audiences through new, effective and relevant marketing and business activities.

The types of projects I work on can be detailed within the following four broad categories:

Digital marketing strategy

I work with clients to understand their business and communications objectives, helping them determine how digital media can be leveraged in order to achieve the best results possible. I develop custom strategies with clients by researching target audiences, developing key insights, following digital trends, understanding the overall digital media landscape, and establishing the best ways to engage the audience; achieving both commercial and brand objectives.

This includes taking into account and consulting on the best usage of:
  • Owned media, such as website properties, social networking pages or profiles, partnership or sponsorship properties, and created content.
  • Purchased media, in the traditional advertising sense, search keyword advertising, online display advertising, paid for advertising on social networks, etc. 
  • Earned media, is your audience online sharing your content or talking about your activities?

Cross-media planning

Digital media is only one aspect of the whole marketing media mix, though one its particularities besides how fast it grows is that it is extremely pervasive: digital is not only a part of our daily lives, it also merges with as well as transforms the experience of consuming other types of media.

Think about it: we use Facebook or Twitter to talk with our friends while watching TV, We share interesting pieces of news or content via email or our preferred social networks, we read magazines or newspapers and then go online for more details, we can receive promotional coupons directly to our mobile phones while out shopping, more billboard are now fully-fledged interactive digital installations able to communicate directly with people

I help clients plan campaigns, marketing activities and events taking the correlations between digital and other types of media into account in order to achieve further reach and be more relevant to the audience’s lives.

Brand engagement

With the growth of social media, it is becoming clearer than ever that brands belong to consumers as much as they belong to corporations. A brand’s reputation can be made or broken via social media and digital channels, by ordinary people like you and me in a matter of hours or days. 

Digital and social media channels are different from traditional advertising in that they can be interactive, much more than a brand ‘talking at’ people via TV ads and posters. Brands can foster conversations and engage with their audiences in meaningful ways all the while developing an image and tone of voice true to the brand’s identity. People tend to remember and share meaningful interactions, and similarly they will hesitate even less spreading news of a bad experience with a brand as well.

This is why I work with clients to create original and engaging activities for audiences as well as advise them on the best ways to leverage social media technologies and platforms. These can be standalone activities, or be created to complement and enhance more traditional marketing campaigns or promotions.

Campaign management

In partnership directly with clients or with their media agencies, I can plan, manage, and support online media advertising campaigns based on the strategy developed together. An important aspect of engaging with an audience is to select the right types of media to reach them, specifically according to the audience in question as well as the objectives of the activity.

This includes working with search keyword advertising, advertising on social networks, online display advertising, and developing online media partnerships.