Tuesday, 13 November 2007


I'm pretty new to the Blogosphere (I really hate that word, shame I wasn't present at the meeting where it was decided, I would have voted for something else...) but I'm really enjoying it. The amount of amazing content all over the place is just mind boggling. I wonder how I'm going to keep up with my subscriptions when I get a new job... We'll see, I'll figure something out.

In any case, I was out in Norfolk this weekend with a bunch of friends - really cool, a friend's parents own Thrigby Wildlife Gardens, we essentially spent the weekend in a zoo, it was awesome - we were reading the papers on Sunday and a friend starts talking about how she hates blogs. I thought that was crazy for someone currently studying journalism and found myself surprised to quickly jump up to defend blogs. She had the impression that blogs were just a bunch of people basically complaining about their lives online (which I'm sure there are some). I told her to check out Boing Boing and she loves it! My first blog convert! I might be on my way to digital sainthood, who knows...

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