Friday, 30 November 2007

My favourite brands continued - Ben & Jerry's

You might have guessed I love ice cream, and Ben & Jerry's are definitely my favourite. I'm reading Ben & Jerry's Double Dip at the moment and I really recommend it if you're interested in looking into how they built their business and what it means to be a values led business. It has a lot of accounts of their personal experience and the experience of a lot of other people (Ben & Jerry's employees, customers, business partners, etc.) really interesting and easy to read as well.

I love the fact that Ben & Jerry's are authentic. I can really get that Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are two guys just like me or anyone else. Their commitment to make a great product, please their customers, make a difference in the world with their business, and have fun along the way is really inspiring. I could keep going on about it but I'll probably be paraphrasing the book more than anything right now, so better if you read it.

In their last campaign for them in the UK, Fallon managed to cram all this information in their spot, released last summer (viewable on the Fallon website with the work they did on other good campaigns for Ben & Jerry's, I haven't found a video of it on Youtube).

I checked a couple of other ads and I really liked the campaign done in the US (I think it was last year realised by Laika/HOUSE. The premise for these series of short ads are a funny visual representation of the names of the Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavours. I think they're fun and pretty clever:

Add-on: I actually just saw this video presenting Ben & Jerry's from Ecobiz which is interesting.

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