Wednesday, 21 November 2007

My favourite brands

I've been working on what my favourite brands are and why, which I quickly found out can become a pretty vast question. Even though after giving it a bit of thought it's not that hard to identify what they are for me, the "why" part can be extensively expanded. I'm still doing some research, so I'll probably add things later as well.

So here goes: Nintendo, Doritos, LEGO, Ben & Jerry's, and Disney.

First of all these are my personal favourites because my experience of them is directly linked to my past, great moments and memories of my childhood, teenage years, and actually up to nowadays as well. The positive experiences and value I've had from these brands has always far outweighted the very few times they've disappointed me.

I've found them over time to be reliable for value, memorable in their communication, and I've been loyal to them for most of my life - not that I necessarily buy their products every week or never those of their competition, but these do really stand out for me. I know that I whenever I see an ad from them, I pay attention, and also generally want to run buying whatever that was (I don't always do that either) and I generally share my experience of these brands with others in a good way. It would really take them doing a lot of really bad stuff to come out of my favourite list.

I'll add a French saying to this, roughly translated: "You can't argue taste or colours". Now there's much more that can be said, argued, reasoned, explained about the brands themselves and I am going to expand my answer for each brand separately in other posts, but these are the core reasons why these are my personal favourites.

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