Thursday, 29 November 2007

Online Evolution?

I'm slowly and steadily evolving my online identity (another point of view might be that I'm becoming more and more of a complete geek), I just opened a Flickr account. So at the moment I'm on MySpace, Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn,, Google Reader (currently 32 subscriptions), Hotmail, YouTube, Amazon, TED, Second Life and I started my own Blog (on Blogger). Next in line are Twitter and Technorati I think...

That's already 13 different sites to follow an
d/or participate in. Really, I wonder how many things you have to be signed up on to be up to speed with the digital world these days... And that's only until the next next hot thing shows up, which can't be very far away... Oh well, I'm having fun and it's a fascinating world to explore! I just wonder how I'm going to be able to keep up when I have a new job - it's a good thing I'm want to get into digital and advertising, so it will pretty much be part of my job to be up to date with all this!

I just read earlier the excellent post from Skelliewag about posting Flickr images, so I just had a quick look and found this beautiful pic:

Photo"Christmas #2" by Kevin Dooley

To me, this is the Internet: I'm one of the intersections, and you're another. Can you see how we're connected?

The more intersections you have, the stronger your online presence. Each line represents a site or an online community, they are coloured so you can easily determine at a glance the influence of each of them and much they are used. Simple, really - Just like the Internet!

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