Friday, 9 November 2007

Circus and Advertising

I went to see James Thiérrée's new show at Sadlers Wells (Au Revoir Parapluie) yesterday evening, it was really beautiful. Unfortunately it's only on until tomorrow, but if you don't have plans tonight or tomorrow it's definitely worth it and there are probably some tickets left. I didn't know of him before last night (my flatmate teaches circus skills, which is how I heard about the show in the first place) and learned he was Charlie Chaplin's grandson.

Beautifully choreographed show, subtle, sweet and some very funny parts. I really enjoyed it and thought it was inspired, it was also the perfect time to get out of the house and forget about my job search for a bit. Remember his name for next year if you can't make this time.

Slightly different topic, though in the same evening and relating circus to advertising, my flatmate showed me the "Effortless" Brylcreem ad, which I hadn't seen. The actor is a friend or acquaintance of my his and a really good juggler. I think all the tricks he manages in one take are brilliant, a good ad, I wonder how well it worked:

There's also the making-of for the people interested in how all the tricks are done, which is pretty cool too:

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