Hi, I'm Willem and I am an independant consultant specialised in developing strategic business and marketing solutions leveraging digital and social media technologies.

I help clients better understand how to navigate the increasingly complex networked world that is an integral part of their audiences day to day lives. How do digital trends and emerging media affect their business? Which aspect of new media, popular mobile application, or even up and coming social networking platform can be used as a key competitive asset, which might be a waste of time and resources keeping in mind commercial objectives to be achieved?

These are the kind of questions many businesses today struggle with and I can help with. Digital communications evolve so fast nowadays that there are no hard and set answers for any of these questions, the best solutions will depend on who you are as a business, who your audience is, and the objectives you have: this is always where I start.

I have over 25 years experience using digital technologies, my main claim to being a digital native is that I was active in social media on the Minitel before the World Wide Web, chatting away to people online while the Internet was still in its beginnings.

My professional background is twofold, split between five years in coaching, training and development programmes and six years in marketing. I specialised in coaching people with original methodologies within the fields of leadership, communication, professional success, project management and public speaking. In the past six years, I have worked closely with a number of digital and advertising agencies as well as UK, European and global brand name clients to develop innovative digital marketing strategies.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please contact me here.