Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Late night videos

I've been surfing for a couple of hours trying to find something interesting to put on here, and came across this which I found fairly interesting:

While starting as a complaint, he still manages to pretty clearly advertise for about 12 different products in 2 minutes. I probably won't get ahead of myself and say that the days of the 30 second spot are over, I think the number of views is still relatively low, but perhaps there's something else to get from that video - and at the very least it's quite funny.

Additionally, I tried a quick search for the HDTV ad he describes and found this, which I thought was pretty inspired:

Maybe we could have a few animators from Aardman do a special one now, say Wallace & Gromit hunting were-playdoh-bunnies across the streets of Manhattan. I can really see it being really cool.

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