Friday, 26 October 2007

Back from China!

I've just spent five weeks traveling in China and one of the (many) hightlights was to discover this T-shirt while walking around Yangshuo where the hammer and sickle symbol had an ice cream replacing the hammer. The slogan read "Everybody gets Ice Cream!"

I instantly fell in love with it, but as usual in China they didn't have my size, so I decided today that my new blog would be a bit of an hommage to the person who designed this T-Shirt. Whoever you are, thanks for the inspiration!

I did this logo relatively quickly, but I'll make the page look better as I go.


Alexander said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere! See ya' soon back in "London by Night", the Shadows miss you.

absinthetic said...

Hello, Willem!! My name's Ryan, I'm the one who designed the "Everybody Gets Ice Cream" shirt. Funny story, I submitted it as a Threadless design, and while Threadless didn't choose to print it, a guy emailed me a few months later, saying he had seen the shirt at a store in China and asked if there were more available.

I just started a re-print of the shirts, they're available on my Etsy page.

I'm glad you like it! I love being an internationally bootlegged sensation. :)

-Ryan, aka Absinthetic

Willem said...

Hi Ryan,
That's brilliant thanks a lot for the comment, really funny you found this!

Thanks for the link - I'll write a post - I'll have to buy the t-shirt.