Friday, 26 October 2007

Kiss Cool Ads

So I'm applying to a lot of different agencies for a new job right now, and one of them had one of these fancy online applications to fill. One of the questions was to say what my favourite piece of communication was. I got pretty stuck, there are so many things I like and think are great. And of course, I was trying at the same time to say something different than what I perceive to be current great pieces of work (like the first thing that popped into mind were the Sony Bravia ads).

I thought about it for a few more minutes and something from my teenage years came up, the completely cult Kiss Cool ads in France:

Obviously the French speakers will appreciate them more, but I have really fond memories of these ads, my friends and I knew all the lines and half of them turned into expressions regularly heard around everywhere. The ads are almost 10 years old but google "kiss cool" right now and you'll have pages upon pages of these videos!

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Oliver Luard said...

Love those ads! Good luck with the blog, and of course, good luck with interviews etc. I will be in touch if I come across anything which might be of interest.