Monday, 12 January 2009

Another post about Twitter

I had written a long post about Twitter, but in hindsight I think it's boring and doesn't really add much to the plethora of posts about Twitter out there already. I might revise it at some point, we'll see.

This is what matters in the meantime:

- I'm addicted to Twitter. (You can follow me @Hippowill)

- I mostly like following friends / acquaintances and people sharing interesting stuff around digital / advertising / marketing / planning.

- I use it as my main information filtering tool.

- It's interesting but I am getting bored of the amount of posts about how to best use Twitter, I'm going to stop reading most of them and use it however I like.

- I leave you with a pet of one of my favourite comic strip characters ever: Gaston Lagaffe's laughing seagull (La mouette rieuse). Here, in one of it's aggressive phases. Not sure why, but I think sometimes Twitter feels a bit like that for non-users adopting it, particularly when others around keep talking about it. ;o)

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