Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Hippo eats dwarf and meerkats using hippos

I just came across this and just had to post it:

All right, it seems this is pretty old news after all given apparently the first time this hoax came around the internets was in 1994 with a resurgence in 2006. Good memes (also rumours or urban legends) live through some sort of web boomerang effect and I hadn't heard of it at the time, so here it is again!

It was actually published in the Pattaya Mail, and there are a bunch of mentions on sites if you Google 'Hippo eats dwarf' including pages on The Museum of Hoaxes and

Well that wasn't as exciting as it first seemed when I came across the image on Google five minutes ago, so maybe I should mention something about digital marketing given it is supposedly one of the main intentions of this blog.

Now maybe hippos don't eat dwarves, even accidentally when one falls in their mouth, but sources tell us meerkats will certainly be using them as soon as they evolve and are ready to take on the human race. Casual Meerkat Manor documentaries aficionados perhaps do not realise how advanced they have become... But some Antipodean dwellers seem to have an idea of possible times to come (Be sure to read the first comment as well).

The site recently developed by one Aleksandr Orlov (Most certainly tied to the Russian maffia) and his outrageous company Compare the dares boasting roller-skating or knitting meerkats from all over the world to show us what they can do!

Crazy conspiracy theory you say..? Here is the undeniable proof of a meerkat playing ultimate freesbee in New York:

Now of course if you really don't care about the meerkat world domination and all you're interested in is cheap car insurance, you might as well head over to Compare the

You might have realised I really like this new campaign, really simple, very fun and memorable idea! I learned from Amelia that a creative team at VCCP are responsible for this so congratulations to them! They were looking for a way for a comparison to stand out and come front of mind for people when they start looking or using a search engine and I love the solution.

Just seeing that Aleksandr Orlov has over 3000 friends on Facebook (Update - had, looks like his personal profile has been taken off, now and over 400 fans on a 'more official' page) it seems a bunch of other people are appreciating the idea as well.


amelia said...

he had too many friends, so we had to move to a Fan area instead!

Willem said...

That's a pretty cool achievement in itself ;o)

amelia said...

110,000 and counting on FB...