Thursday, 13 March 2008

Veni, vidi... vici?

All right I didn't try the live blogging from the changing media summit yesterday in the end, but I took masses of notes (a victory in itself as for as I'm concerned) because I'm going to do a presentation for colleagues who couldn't be there and well, I'll also be blogging it.

It was a pretty interesting event overall, there were very few advertising/marketing/digital agency type people, but I was happy of a few things for sure:

1. I'm definitely on the ball with digital (quite a relief ;o), and I definitely feel more than ever that strategy is right for me.
2. It was good to have an insight into where a lot of the "old media" are at with regards to the "new media"
3. Some talks and panel sessions were great (some others not so much, and some others pretty bad, so a varied mix)
4. I talked with a bunch of great people from very varied backgrounds and industries.

I'll take time this evening to write a longer post getting into the heart of the event.

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