Sunday, 27 January 2008

Flex user group meeting

I went to the London Flex User Group Meeting last Thursday, it was really interesting. It was a special meeting, 2 Adobe Evangelists, James Ward and Serge Jespers (wouldn't you like such a job title? Sounds just a bit weird at the same time, though) came over to talk about the lates Adobe are working on as well as some of the new possibilities available with Flex Builder 3. About 250 people turned up in Shoreditch Town Hall, and Adobe gave out a lot of free beer, which is always good.

I was particularly impressed with a new product they're developing called Thermo, the intention of which is to bridge the gap between design and development. Looks really cool, check the demo video here.

They also showed some impressive functionalities with Flex, from optimising the size of applications to embedding HD videos in Flash Player. I'm no developer, so I didn't understand everything when they started talking about code, but it was simple enough for me to follow what the results are and get some insight into the next possible things in Rich Media Applications, which is cool. Oh, and did I mention there was free beer, too? It's the first time I go to a conference where the speaker stops in the middle and encourages everyone to go get themselves another beer! You could say I was slightly drunk by the end of the evening...

Thanks to Chester at Emak Mafu, and to all the other Mafus for organising the event!

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