Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Absolut Kindness

I don't talk about work we do at iris Digital that often here, but here's a little piece we are running at the moment that I'd like to mention so I'm doing some blatant self-promotion.

Asbolut Vodka are running a campaign in London this week within the idea 'In an Absolut World, kindness would be currency'. We created this website (You'll notice it's in WordPress, all the rage at the moment ;) and a Twitter account to engage with people with questions such as 'If kindness were currency, who do you think the millionaires would be?' informing of the events taking place in London throughout the week organised by the team over at iris Experience. For example, it started Sunday at the Clapham Picture House and at Screen on the Green in Angel. Kai made it to the cinema in Angel and took some pictures.

It all happened extremely fast so unfortunately we didn't have time to engage that much with people before the events started, but starting work on the Twitter account over the weekend was a great experience already. I find it quite exhilarating to represent 'the face of a brand' and getting to practice what I talk about on a regular basis. (Luis has been leading on the project, I was mostly just helping over the weekend)

"Can I haz Kindness?' We are also working alongside We are Social, spreading the #kindness all over the Internets and telling people about the campaign and the events happening in london.

There are more events taking place tomorrow, Thursday and Friday - check the Twitter stream if you're going to be around Soho or Shoreditch!

PS: Luis just got back from lunch as I finished this, just have to add it in. #Kindness everywhere, he found a purse by the Tate Modern and called the owner's to return it - Without stealing anything! You just can't make that stuff up ;o)

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