Friday, 13 March 2009

Quick SXSW update

I finally landed in Austin, Texas for SXSWi! Long flight (s) and some delays, but got here in the end and that's what counts! Couldn't wait to have a beer and walk around a little as I arrived at the hotel and the event already started. Loads of people were already on the flight and the hotel bar had a few people there already pre-celebrating...

Already maing some contacts, the first person I saw at Heathrow this morning at 8am is also the first person I saw arriving here and turns out to be in charge of new media at the RoundHouse in Camden - very cool Irish guy. We had a really good chat about online and music - having just completed the HERD chapter about WoM and the Arcic Monkeys, I had stuff to talk about ;0).

All looking pretty awesome!

Also met a bunch of other people, including a colourful and pretty lively couple from Tennessee - that I might just try to avoid slightly in the coming next days ;)

Very excited, though tomorrow morning is going to be a very long queue to register for the event, apparently the queues were already huge this evening for the pre-registration...

I realise I should have some kind of picture illustrating, but that will be for tomorrow.


John said...

Great so see you are out there and already doing the digi networking thing. Take great notes, the exam will be at 6 am the day you're back!

Key question: if video is served to IP-enabled TVs and newspapers slide into digital ink, will it all be about advertising or will the world go cable with a giant DRM subscription machine gate keeping content across devices?

Enquiring minds want to know.


George Nimeh said...

Don't forget to mention the Orcs influence on social twitterdom.

I'm seriously jealous.

Lolly said...

Shit just realised I forgot to lend you my camera.