Sunday, 26 October 2008

London Meme

Lolly tagged me a few days for a meme apparently going round the London blogosphere these days, I always like memes it's a nice idea and as she said it's nice to share some original bits of information about myself.

1. Top three non-work websites:

Well, I'm going to repeat Lolly here, but I spend my days and nights surfing the web for work anyway so separating work and non-work sites isn't that easy.

Nevertheless I'll go with as my first. It's my favourite website anyway even though I guess you could argue I use it for work as well. I love the interface and design, and of course love the content! I always learn something new watching TED talks, and now that I have an iPhone, I'm watching more of them than ever.

I'm tempted to go with Twitter for second position. I really started getting into it a few months ago and I really like it. I'm meeting cool people through it and I like the random glimpses I get into other people's lives I'm following.

I was hesitating to go for Netvibes for third, but I'll go with Deezer. It's a music streaming site and I often prefer it to Frankly since I started using it, I barely have any music on my iTunes, I mostly listen to streamed music. It's all free, and when you register you have access to almost all the music you can think of, you can also upload all you music library and access it from anywhere, create and share playlists, favourite albums and listen to them whenever you want, listen to smart radios, etc.

3. Three favourite cocktails:

Being heavily influenced by The Big Lebowski (I sad recently that The Dude was my favourite fashion icon), I'll start this with a White Russian. It's not a drink for every circumstances, but there are times when it's just the perfect drink.

A classic Long Island Ice Tea. It's a great and simple cocktail and it's where I was born! That said, I noticed that a lot of bars in London can't make a proper one - even though it's not very complicated...

To finish, not a particular cocktail, but I love "Rhums arranges" aka rum macerated with fruits or spices, they're so good! Check out my home made ones in the widget on the right hand column here.

3. Top 3 Karaoke songs:

Obviously we're going to go pretty cheesy here. I just sang some karaoke last week for our agency party, which was lots of fun! I like some old school Frank, and I think I'll go with Fly me to the Moon (or New York, New York ;o). Then back to the 70's with Sweet home Alabama from Lynyrd Skynyrd. And sometimes when I'm fairly drunk and have someone up for it with me: Fight for your right to party from the Beastie Boys!

I'll tag Will, Neil, and Sandrine next.

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