Friday, 12 September 2008

Now part of the Syndikate

Been pretty busy these few days, between a big Indian wedding (One of my best friends); talking monkeys, Bebo, milk, angels and heroes at work (Intense but lots of fun on current projects!); and my mom arriving in town I didn't take much time out for blogging... That said, I followed up with 7th Syndikate and I just received this message confirming I'm now part of the conspiracy ;o)

I'm confident I figured out who it was for/from as well!
Hi Willem

You've been activated; you will now be known as Bill WG-104.

Stand by for further instructions.

Countdown begins now.

Curtis TH-915

1 comment:

Willem said...

I was wrong about what I thought the 7th Syndikate was all about! Not Twinkle, nor the new Bond, but a new exhibition at the V&A ;o)