Sunday, 28 September 2008

Ice Cream Weekly Digest

It's been a pretty busy week so there are a few things I can compile in a post.

I was at Twestival on Thursday evening (Thanks to Lolly for helping me get a last minute place ;o), I'm only a pretty recent Twitter user so there was a lot of cool people to meet and had a lot of fun! The bar was absolutely packed when I arrived so I also learned that it was better to go early to get a few free drinks, and also to avoid walking out for a cigarette break right before the raffle prize draw... That Nintendo Wii could have been mine, we'll never know....

We also had a live performance of the Twitter Song by @ihatemornings (I admit I only heard the song for the first time right before the event...)

I had to leave relatively early because I had a morning meeting with Google at their offices the day, which was pretty cool. I know everything about Youtube and its advertising/partnerships/branded stuff pricing and systems, which is essentially what we wanted to know about. Also talked about Google Gadgets and the fairly recent ad network they're developing.

Apart from that, I was quite happy I showed the Google peeps the Wario Wii Shake Youtube full page takeover everyone is talking about (Which is awesome by the way, check it if you haven't seen it! Now over 2m views in just over a week) and they hadn't seen it before! Big silence upon me asking about how much it would cost to do something like that again... Nice meeting anyway, and they have a really nice roof terrace.

In the afternoon, we had the second iteration of iris Digital's creative gathering where one person on the team has the run of the boardroom for a presentation while the rest of us sip some beer and enjoy. Matt told us about Lomo and Lomography, they are a Russian camera brand with a very active group of enthusiasts. It was pretty cool. Check Lomokev's Flickr stream for some beautiful lomographies. You may notice Lomographers have a lot of fun with cross processing their pics, among other things. I booked myself in for a talk end of October, though don't know what it will be about yet.

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And apart from that I'm looking for a new flat and walked around a lot yesterday, I saw a really nice place in Rotherhithe - I may end up there, it's a really nice area and the flat was good as well... We'll see!

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lolly said...

Pleasure my dear - see you tomorrow at DIAGEO ;)