Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Lough Derravaragh

According to Wikipedia and Google Images, this is Lough Derravagh. It's in Ireland, and it's pretty.

All right, I have to keep posting on some kind of regular basis and I'm just thinking of a kind of format for a lazy drunken type blog post, probably celebrating the sheer amount of random and trivial knowledge and information that can be gotten from the internets in a couple of clicks. For the first edition, I went for a Wikipedia Random article and Google Images of the result. Obviously not perfect, but hopefully you will bear with me while I optimise the post format and idea.

In the meantime, I'm sure you'll agree this place looks damn pretty and will give you a (slight) rest from the intellectually demanding world of advertising, digital stuff, planning, strategising, or whatever you call your favoured and complicated job discipline.

This is apparently where the kids of King Lir spent 300 years before being turned into swans - so enjoy it, you never know when or what you'll be turned into...

Sur ce, bonsoir mes amis!

1 comment:

lolly said...

I've noticed that you are blogging more... Bloggers' meet up syndrome? ;)

I recently started featuring the Flickr picture of the month... blogging is so cool because you can basically write about anything!

Pretty place though... I should go and check it out at some point :)