Saturday, 23 February 2008

Chinese Portrait Meme

I'm just getting up to date with reading my blogs and just read Iain's post replying to the 4x4 meme, and then went to revisit Chris Garrett's post on the topic. I really like memes, and since I haven't been tagged for any, I thought I'd take Chris on the idea and start my own! I hope people like the idea!

My blog's Chinese Portrait:

If my blog was an animal, it would be...
A fox. I like the classic ideas around foxes being curious and clever tricksters. I envision something closer Fantastic Mr Fox (one of my favourite books as a kid!) rather than the ones that hang around my neighbourhood's backyards - though I won't exclude them.

If my blog was a colour, it would be...
Red. The colour of revolution and raspberry ice cream! Or it could also be white, because vanilla ice cream is my favourite flavour.

If my blog was a natural phenomenon, it would be...
A shooting star. They can be hard to spot or be all over the night sky and they're gone in a second, but they hold a lot of meaning ("Quick, make a wish!") and leave most of us with a feeling of wonder and happiness.

If my blog was a mythological being, it would be...
Vor, from the Norse mythology: Goddess of curiosity and finding things out. (found that here). I like the idea of my blog being a collection of curiosities and finding things out is what I generally do before writing in it...

If my blog was a famous person, it would be...
Leonardo da Vinci. All right, it's a bit grandiose, but he's the archetypal Renaissance Man. Interested in everything, applied himself to a multitude of things and excelled in almost if not all of them. Excellence isn't there for this blog yet, but the first thing is to strive towards it and Leonardo did.

If my blog was a type of food, it would be...
The pack lunch your mom prepared when you were a kid. It's generally light and what's inside is always a surprise - though not always an agreeable one, but in the end you can reason it's been made with love and care.

Well, I think the rules are pretty self explanatory, copy the questions onto a post and answer... I guess you can put more questions if you feel inspired, but let's keep it at these 6. And then tag whoever you'd like to see the answers of, let's say at least two!

I'll tag quite a lot of people to start it off:

I'm tagging Chris Garrett, because that's where I got the idea of starting a meme.

I'll tag George - because he's my boss, and I might as well tag John, soon he'll also be my boss!

I'll tag Faris, Neil, Asi, Priyanka and Michelle - because I met them at the BeerSphere last year before Christmas, had a good time talking with them, and like their blogs.

I'll tag Amelia and Nick - because they took the time to meet with me when I was looking for work and gave me good feedback - and I also like their blogs.

I'll tag Ruby - because she recently left a comment on my blog ;o)

I'll tag Will - because he hasn't written a post in a while and maybe this will inspire him a bit.

All right that's all folks! Let's see if it propagates!

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